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Bullying  - Beyond the Schoolyard

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Professional educators will particularly appreciate the practical information and useful documents included in the book. This book is not only extremely useful for the "end user," but also for a "trainer of trainers" curriculum. It is rare to find so many elements in one accessible, easily read work. This book belongs on the shelf of anybody concerned about cyberbullying and its effect on schools and children.
Mike Tully, Attorney and Bullying Expert

This book is an excellent resource that clearly presents the relevant issues and provides many practical strategies to help readers address cyberbullying.
Alfonso E. Lenhardt, President and CEO, National Crime Prevention Council

This timely and informative book brings adults up to speed on how kids are using technology to harm their peers.
Tina Meier, Cyberbullying Activist, The Megan Meier Foundation

Hinduja and Patchin are two of the most respected researchers on cyberbullying, and their in-depth research lays the foundation for this book. This book contains the best practices that principals can implement at their schools to prevent and respond to acts of cyberbullying.
Gerald N. Tirozzi, Executive Director, National Association of Secondary School Principals

An important contribution to the burgeoning literature on cyberbullying and a valuable tool for concerned adults that will enhance the safety and well-being of young people as they navigate their increasingly technological worlds.
Scott Hirschfeld, Director of Curriculum, Anti-Defamation League

In a society that is grappling with the ramifications of the rapid pace of technological advancement, cyberbullying has emerged as a serious issue in education. This book provides real-life scenarios, timely data, and best practices to help school leaders protect the children and adolescents in their schools. All educators will find these resources useful in detecting and preventing cyberbullying and ensuring the safety of students.
Gail Connelly, Executive Director, National Association of Elementary School Principals

This is an excellent resource that clears up much of the confusion and sometimes hysteria generated in the media on cyberbullying. It provides prudent and do-able strategies from crafting policies, to investigating and responding to incidents. Most importantly, it provides the right mindset and philosophy for helping schools prevent the problem in the first place and for empowering all members of the school community to work together. Policymakers, administrators, teachers, parents, and students would all benefit from the knowledge contained in this book.
Jim Dillon, Author of No Place for Bullying

Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patchin seemlessly weave the latest research with riveting examples from the frontlines of cyberbullying. This is the definitive work on cyberbullying, rich with practical tools for teachers, school personnel, parents, and students to prevent and respond to cyberbullying.
Suzanne W. Peck, President/Author

The authors of have written the manual on how to recognize, prevent, and respond to cyberbullying. I recommend that every educator and parent take the time to read and understand the important issue of cyberbullying. This book offers the answers educators and parents have been looking for when it comes to cyberbullying!
Jolene Dockstader, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

The original text has become the seminal and authoritative text on the topic of cyber-bullying. I am confident that the second edition will continue to be an essential resource for school districts, administrators, educators, parents, and policymakers.
Jude A. Huntz, Chancellor

Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard is one of the most honest books I have read about the realities of childhood bullying and cyberbullying. I am recommending it to all my colleagues at my school for a book study. It should be required reading for anyone involved in educating children.
Donna Eurich, Middle School Teacher

Drs. Hinduja and Patchin answer questions about cyberbullying that we all have. As an educator and a parent, I appreciate the candor and informative nature of their book. I feel my home and school benefit from the topics we can now discuss to make our battle better prepared.
Frank Rudnesky, Principal

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This book delivers on its title by providing a comprehensive pathway for understanding a new form bullying unlike the usual school yard variety. It is a scholarly work that is engaging, passionately written, and well documented. Each chapter is clear and concise and one can easily envision this book as a master reference text for researchers, educators, law enforcement professionals, and parents who are concerned with bullying through the use of technology. It represents an innovative work by two gifted scholars.

This book would be an asset to a principal's, guidance counselor's, or staff's professional development bookshelf. Teachers whose classes use the Internet often would benefit from reading it, too.

This was a great and very informative book that will not only help educators understand the warning signs of cyberbullying, but will also explain how one can prevent and respond to cyberbullying. The authors are extremely knowlegeable on the topic of cyberbullying and it comes across in this book. Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard is very well written, very educational, and highly recommended!

Cyberbullying is becoming a sever issue in our society. If you have children or work with them, this is a must read! The research is invaluable and the perspectives given hone in on the steps we as a society must take to prevent cyberbulling. As an educator, this book opened my eyes to not only how students were bullying each other, but how technology is being used against teachers. I highly recomend using this book for inservices within the schools!

What is unique about this book is that it is written by two experts in criminal justice. Most bullying books are usually written from the perspective of psychologists and education experts, both of whom have valuable contributions to make on the issue. However, until recently there has been little in the way of contribution from the legal community, and this book makes a significant contribution from that perspective. It gives parents, schools, teachers, and counselors the tools they need to address the issue of bullying from a legal perspective. It is also refreshing to know that the issue of cyber bullying is being taken seriously by the legal community, and that some of its members are providing excellent resources to the community to help stop the problem.

This book is an absolute must have for any individual that didn’t grow up in a “wired world” and deals with young adults on a regular basis. For those of us floundering in the unknowns of cyber-space, I truly felt this book gave me a starting point to become informed enough to deal with situations and possibly prevent abuse of the web before it occurs. It is easy to read and extremely well organized. After the initial read it can be used over and over again as a reference source. This is the first educational text I have read in a long while that has immediate practical application. It proved to reinforce that concerns I was having about inappropriate behavior online were real and provided me with the tools to cope with the situation, as well as give me options and solutions to the problem! I will buy two copies of this book; one for my bookshelf at home the other to place next to my computer at school. What a fantastic source of information and tool for reference.

This book is easy to read. It is written to engage a variety of audiences. It makes connections to what schools should know already about bullying and then helps us connect to the similarities and differences with cyberbullying. The book provides practical strategies and data. The reference sections provide resources for people that want to explore the topic more. There is also an emotional connection that I made as an educator to the children we need to reach including the bullies and the victims.

This book gives the reader a guide how to identify, prevent and respond to cyberbullying. The reader gains an understanding of terminology, and legal issues. There is also a strong focus on the educator’s/parent’s/student’s roles in preventing cyberbullying. The specific recommendations for the school and the parents, such as samples of guiding questions, and sample contracts aides the bookin its goal. The series of questions that the parents can use for when they are trying to gain an understanding of their child’s internet use and experiences is very valuable.

This book clearly makes a very positive contribution to the important issue of cyberbullying. It not only cites numerous sources, but it contributes the authors’ research on the subject. If any educator, parent, child, or law enforcement personnel had a question about cyberbullying, this is the source to use to find answers. It is well researched and clearly and concisely written. It provides definitions and examples as well as practical and timely advice to deal with this current and harmful issue.

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